Mar 4, 2011


Hi there,

This pseudowebsite is here to help you decide to play an PBEM RPG (fantasy) game with me. We shall start as soon we have several players.

This RPG will be no writing competition, or dice rolling dungeon, but game based on the right decisions made by players. English is a foreign language for me, so I cannot ask players for long descriptions of feelings or situations, when I cannot provide the same kind of writing when it’s my turn.

The game world will be a classic medieval fantasy, but with no other races except humans available for playing, and with limited magic. Players are invited to create some standard nonspell characters, as fighters, leaders, rogues, thieves, scholars, monks, professionals, rangers, etc. I tend to use RoleMaster when referring to professions, spells, levels, and so. Knowing anything about it is not a requirement at all.

You are a free individual in a part of a world with little social hierarchy, and people are organized in small communities, towns and such, where persons with power and influence are local leaders, but with little power outside their domains. So you can forget about well advanced social structures as empires, armies, orders of paladins and so. To get a living you have to have a real world profession, and even you may progress to become a more hero-like character, your early profession will say much about you. So please provide me with:
  1. Your name and description of the natural habitat of the place you came from (islander, hill billy, city cat, peaceful farmer, forest roamer, nomad, river folk, etc.)
  2. Five training blocks, from early age to present, 2-5 yrs. each, such as: 1. I grew up in a farm house, 2. and that left to work for a local rancher, 3. became his trusted cowboy, 4. got captured by a barbarian tribe in a raid, and lived with them for a while, 5. escaped and lived alone on the great plains for some time now, trying to get home
  3. Profession. Must be a logical summary of this past experience. This character could call himself a warden, fighter, scout, ranger, trader, farmer, etc...This is important because if he is more of a fighter in his mind he will likely progress in different direction than if he consider himself a farmer (this second case is not inferior at all, as it underlines a practical side, and that character could easily become a local ruler, wealthy trader or so).
  4. Psychology of your character, what we used to call “alignment”
  5. That’s all. I will send you back your biography with maybe slight corrections, together with a definite list of your skills, possessions, and a few extra touches

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